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Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) for IPv4 and IPv6


Engineers are constantly looking for ways to improve their network infrastructures. These improvements can come in the form of increased efficiency, robust security, infrastructure flexibility, reduced deployment time and elimination of configuration errors. Engineers can accomplish this with the Nodegrid platform and their preferred scripting language.

Automate steps like updating operating systems, deploying patches and bug fixes and pushing configurations to network targets.

  • Deploy Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) over IPv4 and IPv6
  • Use your preferred scripting language like Python, Perl, JSON, Bash, or add your own.
  • Integrate with file transfer protocols such as FTP, FTPS, HTTPS, SCP, etc.

The Solution – Nodegrid and Zero Touch Provisioning

The Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) feature is offered on all ZPE’s out-of-band management devices. These include the Nodegrid Serial Console, Nodegrid Bold and Flex, and our latest hardware Nodegrid Service Router. ZTP works by allowing new ZPE unit to be provisioned and updated automatically without manual intervention. After physically connecting the Nodegrid Serial Console to the network and booting it for the first time, the following steps takes place.

  1. ZPE sends a request to the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server.
  2. The DHCP server identifies the request is from a ZPE device and sends a set of instructions to the ZPE device.
  3. As instructed ZPE sends a request to the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server.
  4. ZPE device will download the required files and executes the script commands:
  5. Installation script (Python, Shell, Perl, JSON, etc.)
  6. Latest software version
  7. Configuration files
  8. ZPE device pushes configuration to the network appliances based on the Python script(s).

Benefits of Zero Touch Provisioning

Engineers no longer need to manually login into each device for configurations! With ZPE’s Zero Touch Provisioning, upload the configuration templates and favorate scripts, sit back and watch the network build itself. Here at ZPE we understand that each network infrastructure is unique and designed to meet specific requirements. Give us a call, and with ZPE’s Nodegrid out-of-band management platform and experienced engineers, we can help set up your ZTP processes.

  • Automate the network infrastructure, ZPE supports IPv4 and IPv6
  • Reduces deployment time for both initial installation and recurring upgrades
  • Reduces/Eliminates the chance for human error via manual configuration
  • Lower costs associated with per-unit provisioning
  • Repeatable – Standardized templates for provisioning services

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