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Security Field Day 7

ZPE Demo: Immutable Principles of Branch Deployment

In this demo, we will show you how to overcome supply chain security risks and address ransomware by putting immutable infrastructure principles into action. We will demonstrate how to use SaltStack automation on our out-of-band platform, which we’ll use to build, destroy, and re-build an edge data center — with ease and at scale.

Presented by Rene Neumann, Director of Solution Engineering. Presented on March 23, 2022, as part of Security Field Day 7.

Watch the entire presentation at ZPE Systems Presents at Security Field Day 7 – Tech Field Day or visit Security Field Day 7 – Tech Field Day.

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Cybersecurity vendors are at the top of their game? So why are cyberattacks increasing and becoming more effective? Download our exclusive presentation from Security Field Day 7, and you’ll see:

  • Why cybersecurity for enterprise is a team sport
  • How to overcome risks using immutable infrastructure & automation
  • How to build, destroy, & rebuild edge networks to avoid disaster or data compromise

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