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Out-of-band management brings critical connectivity to your network infrastructure. As a secure way to access your systems, out-of-band (OOB) helps you troubleshoot issues, patch devices, and maintain uptime with more control of your network.

Here’s a 90-second video explaining how OOB helps you prevent data center disruptions.

Out-of-band also delivers crucial capabilities far beyond the data center. When coupled with cellular failover connectivity, you can deploy OOB solutions to take control of your most remote sites. In fact, one major media provider took advantage of OOB & cellular failover by implementing Nodegrid at their rural locations. Continue reading to find out more.

Out-of-Band; Cellular Failover Bring Big Benefits

  • With a secure OOB path and modern connection speeds, you can establish a reliable and fast access path to your networks. You don’t have to juggle delicate admin protocols or put up with slow modems & phone lines. Instead, you can respond instantly to issues and mitigate downtime.
  • OOB allows you to cut down on support costs and effort. Without a comprehensive solution, you’re forced to put staff on-site for issues large and small. This means spending time & money collaborating staff schedules, setting up travel arrangements, and coordinating support timelines & resources. But OOB lets you put your best people on the job instantly, even if they are thousands of miles away from the network location. Just imagine turning a three-day hassle into a three-minute job.
  • Using cellular failover, you can get reliable backup connectivity for your production and management networks. This boosts the resilience of your support efforts, and at the same time helps you maintain steady customer satisfaction levels.

How Does Nodegrid Make Out-of-Band Better?

Nodegrid brings advanced out-of-band capabilities to organizations across the globe. Whereas traditional OOB solutions involve modems, phone lines, and vendor-specific UIs, Nodegrid features OOB that’s simple fast. That’s because ZPE Systems’ innovation-driven engineers focused heavily on the drawbacks of legacy solutions, and created out-of-band that’s easy to deploy & use.

You can roll out Nodegrid on your existing system without any overhaul. Just deploy the standalone ISO image and get a view of your network infrastructure, no matter which vendor solutions you use. To make management simple, Nodegrid Manager comes standard and gives you a clean, unified UI to control all your network devices, both physical and virtual. You can access your OOB network securely from your browser, whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Nodegrid’s advanced out-of-band is supported by broadband connection, and is also accessible via cellular. This gives you added peace of mind knowing that if your main connection goes down, you can keep your networks running and maintain management access via cellular failover. For even more redundancy and reliability, Nodegrid devices support up to 4 SIM slots, giving you backups for your backups.

Who Uses Nodegrid’s Advanced Out-of-Band?

A large media company required a strong defense from downtime. A major obstacle, however, was the fact that the enterprise served very rural areas that could be difficult to support.

For each service area, the provider deployed hardware stacks consisting of legacy solutions. When issues presented themselves, the company’s reputation hinged on how quickly they could restore service. Oftentimes this was no small feat, because they required a technician to be dispatched for troubleshooting. After lengthy travel times (upwards of hours, in some cases), the technician would connect their service computer which would allow support staff to remote-in via dial-up connection.

To uphold their reputation and customer satisfaction levels, the media provider needed to slash their response times and support costs with a more efficient out-of-band solution.

The company deployed Nodegrid, which delivered the capabilities they needed along with strong cellular connectivity and backup.

Want to learn more about Nodegrid’s advanced out-of-band? Download the case study now!