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There was so much going on at Cisco Live that you probably didn’t see all the demos or get every bit of valuable information. We wanted to help you out by putting everything we covered all in one place. Scroll to watch Jennifer’s presentation, download case studies and data sheets, and see the latest product announcements.

Cisco Live 2024 – Day 1 – 1
Cisco Live 2024 Rene Neumann Presentation 2
Cisco Live 2024 Day 2 – 1

Making Networks Hard to Fail and Easy to Recover

How Gen 3 Out-of-Band and Isolation Bring Resilience to IT

Jennifer Autry presents the story of Isolated Management Infrastructure and why it’s crucial to network services. See how IMI brings speed and resilience to installation day, ongoing operations, and doomsday-type outage scenarios.

IMI with Nodegrid

See How to Build Isolated Management Infrastructure

Use this solution guide and practical blueprint to build IMI (it’s easier than you think)

Isolation is key to building a resilient network that gives you advantages during installation day, ongoing operations, and doomsday. But, why should you build it, and how? Download the solution guide and blueprint to find out why IMI is highly recommended and how you can build it from a technical standpoint.

Living Spaces social image

Get the Living Spaces Case Study & Other Customer Stories

See how Living Spaces Furniture, DigiCert, and others streamline networking with Nodegrid

Jenn’s presentation mentioned how Nodegrid & ZPE Cloud helped Living Spaces save time and effort managing 50 nationwide sites. But did you know they also saved $300,000 on cellular costs while making their networks more secure and flexible? Get the full story when you download the case study, and browse additional stories from customers like DigiCert, Vapor IO, and others.

NSC Core Edition and Gate SR with Jetson module

New Products to Protect IT & AI Investments

Check out the Nodegrid Serial Console – Core Edition and Nvidia Jetson module

The Nodegrid Serial Console – Core Edition delivers big tech’s network resilience practices in a budget-friendly, drop-in solution. The new Jetson module follows the same isolation best practices, but for edge AI, so you can remotely provision and orchestrate workloads. Read the full release and get hands-on with these at Cisco Live!

Press Release Complete EOL replacement solution

Replace Discontinued Console Servers

ZPE now offers a complete products and services solution

Discontinued console servers from popular vendors pose a major security risk. Learn about ZPE Systems’ latest package that brings Synopsys-validated, Gen 3 out-of-band to your environment, with all the work done for you.

Check Out Our Presentations From Last Year’s Event


Putting Operations on Autopilot

How to Build Network Infrastructure for Automation and AI

Jennifer Autry gives a 10-minute walkthrough of Vapor IO’s story, and how EVP of Ops Frank Basso used automation to shrink deployment times, save 5RU of rackspace, and achieve true lights-out management.


Best Practices to Protect your Infrastructure & Combat Ransomware

With ZPE Systems’ Services Delivery Platform

Ransomware attacks continue despite more than 10,000 cybersecurity products. Koroush Saraf presents the best practices that tech giants use to automatically patch infrastructure and seal out attackers. Watch his 10-minute presentation and download the best practices.

Let’s be Frank

Automating edge deployments & lights-out management for Vapor® IO

See why they required eight hours of setup time at each site, and discover which Nodegrid technologies helped significantly streamline not only new installations, but operations and overhead as well. Download the case study for full details.

Get the Story from Frank Himself

Frank sat down with Rene Neumann to discuss Vapor IO’s story. Listen to their conversation to hear Frank’s first-hand account of how much time and effort he saved using the automation blueprint. Skip to the 30-minute mark for the best part, and don’t forget to download the full case study!

ZPE Systems’ Out-of-Band Infrastructure Recovery Kit

Utilize ZPE System’s “Out-of-Band Infrastructure Recovery Kit” to avoid truck rolls and bring sites up faster.

The kit contains a Nodegrid Mini SR -or- Hive SR (your choice of device footprint) with global LTE connectivity, a Cisco Console cable and all the connectivity and capabilities to recover your Viptela environment.

Customers can order the kit directly from ZPE Systems and we ship it to your HQ or any other location in the world. The unit will automatically call to ZPE Cloud, using its LTE connection. Using ZPE Cloud you claim the Nodegrid SR device and can gain access to the SD-WAN hardware console and management interface without the requirement to setup a complex VPN connection or client. The setup is easy and with zero-attack surface in the remote location.

Administrators can easily distribute the Viptela firmware to all locations using ZPE Cloud storage and use the build-in tools to recover the Viptela appliances, without the need to send a highly skilled and over-worked network admin on-site. And we have experts on standby to help you with the scripts you need to enable the recovery.
Read the blog post: Defusing Cisco SD-WAN Time-bomb requires out-of-band access


Looking for the Latest Product Data Sheets?

Nodegrid Net SR (NSR)
Nodegrid Bold SR (BSR)
Nodegrid Gate SR (GSR)
Nodegrid Link SR (LSR)
Nodegrid Hive SR (HSR)
Nodegrid Mini SR (MSR)
Nodegrid Serial Console - S Series (NSC-S)
Nodegrid Serial Console Plus (NSCP)
Nodegrid Serial Console Plus - Core Edition
Nodegrid Sensors
ZPE-Z Switch

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