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I recently came across a survey of 400+ IT Execs and DC Managers regarding the efficiency of their Data Centers, and what they believe would help them make improvements.

In general the survey uncovered some interesting challenges. I’ll focus on two. “Daily Distractions” and “Adequate Physical and Virtual Machine Management.”

NodeGrid Manager™ addresses data center IT challenges with Software Defined Infrastructure and a uniform user interface for managing access and power control of all hardware and VMs.

Daily Distractions

It states that IT departments (in general) spend an average of 32 hours per week dealing with roughly 16 unexpected IT issues like “Network Slowdowns and Outages”, “Equipment Failures”, “Technology Upgrade Requests” and “Availability and Capacity Issues”, all taking about 2 hours and 20 minutes each to resolve. These issues shift IT managers’ focus away from planned projects and higher level future planning activities, and each issue required roughly “9” or so staff members to help resolve. I’m not sure I buy or understand the need for 9 staff members, but that was the result in the survey.

Adequate Physical and Virtual Machine Infrastructure Management

The survey also pointed out that 75% of the IT managers surveyed felt they lacked the proper “Physical and Virtual Infrastructure Management Tools” and adequate training on the use of these Tools. The survey also pointed out that 71% believed if they had proper tools and training, their efficiency and productivity would improve by 30%. A total of 71% also felt their overall risk would shrink considerably.

These are some interesting numbers since one of the first and foremost requirements of any IT manager should be to have management solutions and training on their use in place from the get go. I can only assume this is not the case here, or the solution(s) they do have in place, don’t meet their current requirements or are difficult to understand and use.

ZPE Provides Secure Access and Control of Physical and Virtual Infrastructures

So I leave you with this request: if you can relate to this survey, and have issues with your current “Physical and Virtual Machine Management Tools”, I would love to speak with you about what might (arguably) be the easiest and most complete “Physical and Virtual Machine Management Solution” you’ve ever seen: “NodeGrid Manager” Software Defined Infrastructure from ZPE Systems.

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– Kevin