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Isolated Management Infrastructure & Security with Nodegrid OS v5.10

ZPE Systems’ Nodegrid provides the Isolated Management Infrastructure that allows IT teams to quickly recover from outages and ransomware.

Director of Solution Engineering Rene Neumann walks you through the enhancements that come with Nodegrid OS v5.10. This demo video covers the Isolated Management Infrastructure (IMI), along with the built-in security features that recently passed validation by Synopsys.

Why is IMI so important?

Recent cyberattacks highlight the importance of having an Isolated Management Infrastructure, and the IMI is now recommended by CISA as a best practice. Check out these helpful resources about how IMI helps you recover from ransomware and puts your operations on autopilot:

Read more about ZPE’s Synopsys validation

Visit the Synopsys website for more details on our security. See how we address challenges across the software development lifecycle, and download the complete PDF.

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