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etcio Keep your network outage-proof

You can’t control the weather, a pandemic, or natural disasters. But you can control network uptime with remote out-of-band management from ZPE Systems.

Time and money hinge on your network. So what happens when you lose connectivity at a site halfway across the globe? Traditional out-of-band management (OOB) is slow and expensive, forcing you to put staff on-site while downtime swallows up your resources. ZPE Systems’ Nodegrid does away with these time-consuming headaches to bring you a business-friendly solution, i.e., remote OOB.

Get Remote Control, No Overhaul Needed

Nodegrid is vendor neutral, so you can take total control of your existing infrastructure. Simply deploy your Nodegrid appliance, connect your devices, and get remote OOB throughout your network — no overhaul needed.

Restore Uptime Fast Yesterday

Network outages can cost $100,000+ per hour. Though you can’t predict when or how they’ll happen, you can equip your organization to recover fast. Remote OOB with Nodegrid lets you troubleshoot issues and restore connectivity even to your most faraway locations. The intuitive interface with normalized controls streamlines your user experience. There’s no more admin fatigue from switching between vendor-specific software. You can also implement automation to monitor network health, pinpoint issues, and fix problems before they happen.

Failure? Not an Option

For even more protection against outages, Nodegrid features cellular failover that supports all major carriers. These dual-SIM modules attached to the powerful Nodegrid Services Router (NSR), act as insurance policies for your WAN coverage. When your main line goes down, you’ve got two wireless backups that are automatic and seamless.

Put Power at Your Fingertips

A clean and easy-to-use interface is the tip of the iceberg when using Nodegrid. Our all-in-one devices feature x86 64-bit architecture, multi-core Intel processors, and a Linux-based OS. It’s a perfect combination that gives you the flexibility to deploy Docker containers and virtualized network functions directly on Nodegrid appliances. Get full remote control of everything, starting from SD-WAN, to firewall, cybersecurity, and even power cycling. Screen- and session-sharing features let you put your experts on the job no matter how distributed your IT teams are.

It’s rough out there. But no matter how long it takes to get back to normal, ZPE Systems is here to bring normal back to your network. Contact us to see how you can have business continuity and keep it, too.

Originally posted in ETCIO Review