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Although we imagine you enjoy getting exercise, we want to make sure that you and your crew don’t have to walk around manually resetting servers, virtual machines and routers at the data center or NOC on a daily basis. Our Nodegrid family of out-of-band (OOB) hardware and software makes fast remote hands data center troubleshooting easy and reliable, without affecting production network traffic.

ZPE Systems helps data center system administrators maintain a firm hand on the out-of-band tiller with the Nodegrid OOB infrastructure management family comprising of Nodegrid Serial Console, Nodegrid [CI] converged infrastructure management appliance and Nodegrid Manager virtual OOB control appliance.

Nodegrid includes monitoring and dashboard features to complement Nodegrid’s existing vendor-neutral out-of-band access and control capabilities.

Nodegrid Monitoring continuously measures critical data points of all managed devices in your data centers and network operations centers. Nodegrid monitors devices over IPMI, SNMP, SSH and other protocols. Nodegrid knows how your devices are doing regarding power draw, temperature and other critical data center environment variables, and displays the data in one central view.

Monitoing and Dashboard

Nodegrid brings built-for-scale monitoring to distributed environments with continuous collection, storage and indexing of local data points. Indexing avoids clogging networks with heavy database synchronization. Simply search for data cross your cluster and retrieve it only when you need it via shared indexes. Nodegrid lets your distributed environments collect monitoring data independently.

The new Nodegrid Dashboard provides:

  • One view of global data center IT device “metabolism” metrics – power usage and more
  • Easy to use templates for power, current, voltage, fan speed and more – user customizable
  • Fast searching of monitored devices by location, business unit or any custom search field
  • Beautiful visualizations of all managed device metrics

Nodegrid continues to pack many excellent out-of-band IT management features including:

  • Secure in-band and out-of-band access to numerous vendors’ IT devices including: VM, Server, IPMI Service Processor, Networking, Storage, Serial Console and Power
  • On premise (local) and cloud (remote) device management
  • HTML5 remote console access for mobile, tablet, desktop
  • Docker optimized for apps integration and 64-bit Linux shell for powerful scripting
  • Vendor-neutral power management: Cyclades/Avocent, Raritan, ServerTech, Emerson, APC

The Nodegrid Monitoring & Dashboard package license is available immediately for all three Nodegrid products.

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