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ZPE Systems Recently Released the World’s First 64-bit x86 CPU Based Serial Console Server with Faster Processing Speeds and More RAM and Storage Than All Legacy Vendors’ Consoles. Hip sysadmins and Data Center Operators Know Why. Here’s the Skinny on Why we Chose to use Multi-core 64-bit Intel CPUs in our Beefed Up Serial Console Server.

ZPE Systems NodeGrid Serial Console T48


Servers with dual-core x86-64 CPUs can handle more simultaneous operations, users and I/O faster, even with the same Gigabit Ethernet connections, as older, less robust console servers. Faster CPU cycles can handle more simultaneous connections and other user defined workloads in addition to console routing and monitoring tasks. Faster = lower MTTR, greater productivity, new vistas of additional productivity, higher ROI.

Common platform for users, developers, OS and application availability

Given that the NodeGrid Serial Console runs on the x86-64 platform, IT managers and users can expect the same management and maintenance experience they have with their existing x86 based servers.

Common development environment: x86 SDKs, SDEs and Yocto

Developers benefit from a wide variety of readily downloadable x86 software development kits and environments. We chose Yocto for our NodeGrid Serial Console SDK so customers always have the latest updates, packages, and DIY customization capabilities at their fingertips.

The latest, greatest software – Docker and more

Likewise on the x86 platform, users can take advantage of newer technologies such as Docker. In our case, we provide a Docker container optimizable server right out of the box. Run nearly any Docker app on NodeGrid Serial Console to immediately extend server functionality.

Security patches available sooner

Using the open industry standard Intel CPU you don’t need to wait for 3rd party kernel patches from other chip makers such as ARM, Freescale, Motorola, etc. In some cases, it might even be possible to apply patches before official firmware updates are available.


The standard x86 platform makes it easy to add peripherals to further extend NodeGrid Serial Console capabilities. Using one USB 3.0 port and two USB 2.0 ports, it’s easy to add cellular dial-up, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth or additional external storage, just to name a few. Simply add the associated drivers.

Greater storage

Having 36 Gigabytes of storage allows users to run hundreds of apps and store lots of data and audit logs if needed. Local storage capacity can be increased via extra USB storage devices.

Cost savings

Using an open industry standard Intel CPU allows us to pass along cost savings to our customers while significantly improving user response and processing capabilities.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

NodeGrid Serial Console comes preloaded with all the standard features you’d expect, and several industry firsts. On their own, these are all great reasons to buy our new NodeGrid Serial Console to refresh your data center’s IT management infrastructure. Together, they’re a no brainer.