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Out-of-band management (OOB) and business continuity go hand-in-hand. If set up properly, your OOB network should provide safe, reliable, always-ready access to your critical infrastructure components. Even when there’s not an outage, OOB is the key to optimizing your network — from troubleshooting issues, to maintaining speed & availability to all your users.

If you’re not entirely sure about out-of-band management’s big benefits, here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t go a day without it.

OOB is essential to branch and satellite IT sites, where specialized personnel might only occasionally drop in. With this in mind, ZPE Systems’ Nodegrid platform offers OOB that’s far beyond ordinary:

  • Take advantage of secure access technologies, including non-VPN access links that work over any available WAN
  • Use zero touch provisioning for hands-off, automatic deployments — for even your most remote locations
  • Set up automation using popular tools & languages, for help with management of branch offices
  • Get ZPE Cloud for even more flexibility and remote management capabilities