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Heavy Networking 691: Why OOB Infrastructure Is Critical For IT Ops & Automation

Packet Pushers recently sat down with Blake Johnson (Living Spaces) and Rene Neumann (ZPE Systems) to look at how ZPE Systems is rethinking Out of Band so you can leverage this network for more than rebooting servers and configuring switches. The goal here is automated, NetOps-driven Integrated Isolated Management Infrastructure (IIMI), including things like device staging, deployments, upgrades, and more. And you don’t just have to take ZPE’s word for it. They’ve brought a customer who’s using the products to help support a retail business with more than fifty sites–all with a very lean networking team.

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Increasing demand helped Living Spaces grow out of its home state of California, into states including Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, and others. Their out-of-band infrastructure was crucial to spinning up new locations and maintaining operations. But they faced a significant problem: this infrastructure was incredibly complex and costly, requiring many dedicated cellular and out-of-band devices at each location. See why their three-person network team needed a solution that could:

  • Reduce costs and eliminate the need for $300,000 per year in SIM contracts
  • Reduce workloads and risks, by centralizing management and minimizing entry points
  • Accelerate deployments by allowing automation

Get the Automation Blueprint proven by Big Tech

Dedicated infrastructure is key to successfully automating. ZPE Systems has captured the best practices used by 6 of the Top 10 Big Tech companies like Amazon, Bank of America, Uber, and many others. This 40+ page document has also been validated by ONUG’s newly-formed Hyperautomation Working Group and follows Gartner’s recommended automation architecture. Use it to:

  • Maximize revenues by minimizing setup times & application downtime
  • Reduce recovery costs with push-button rollbacks
  • Eliminate risk through frequent security patching

Download this Network Automation Blueprint to see how you can apply dedicated infrastructure best practices.


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