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This is the first part of a serialized exploration of our new NodeGrid Serial Console™ product. Why we built it, how we decided on which features to include and why, and more, which we’ll cover over the coming weeks.

The overall answer is to help data centers better manage their environments and take advantage of the latest technologies, replace hardware that was built over a decade ago, and help customers meet the demands of growth and change occurring in the data center.

Since delivering NodeGrid Manager, our Software Defined Infrastructure management solution for access and control of both physical and virtual multi-vendor data center hardware, it wasn’t a huge leap for us to develop to an embedded Linux appliance. We identified a market need for a new console server built with current technologies based on customer requests, interviews, RFPs, and the increasing density of racks and virtualization.

With our unique background as the A-Team of console management, we believe there are further contributions we can make in the area of IT infrastructure management. At our first startup over a decade ago we led a wave of innovation within the console server industry, winning many awards along the way. Now we’re bringing a new wave of innovation to the console world, modernizing and changing the industry again. ZPE Systems is an agile company with deep experience in console server design, manufacturing, deployment, and responding quickly to customer requests.

So there you have it. We’ll be back next week with our next installment – why we chose to build a serial console server with 96 ports instead of the usual 4, 8, 16, 32 and 48 ports.

Read more on the NodeGrid Serial Console and give us a call if you have questions we haven’t answered already.