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serial console serverToday, businesses depend highly on IT, and they cannot afford to experience downtime. That’s why they need robust IT infrastructure. Robust IT infrastructure can ensure businesses do not experience downtime and prevent financial losses resulting from the inability to communicate and process payments, and prevent loss of sensitive information. Robust IT infrastructure is not the preserve of only large companies. Small businesses need it, too, since 43% of cyber-attacks target them. Whether small or big, all businesses can benefit from having robust IT systems in place.

A serial console server is essential to a robust system as it helps maintain uptime and prevent losses.

What is a Serial Console Server?

A serial console server, also known as a console server, enables IT and network administrators to access, manage, and monitor networking devices such as switches, routers, and servers.

Why Businesses Need Serial Console Servers

Does your business use serial console servers? If not, here’s why your business needs to start using them:

1. Faster Troubleshooting

When devices go offline, IT technicians may need to reboot them so that they work again. Commuting to remote sites where networking devices are located to reboot them can prove costly and time-consuming. Serial console servers can resolve this. With serial console servers, IT technicians don’t need to travel long distances to reboot devices. They can be rebooted remotely.

2. Better Security

With security breaches on the rise, businesses cannot afford to take security for granted. Serial console servers provide enhanced security. First, serial console servers grant specific people the ability to monitor and manage the network. These authorized people can restrict access to the network and bolster security. Moreover, because serial console servers enable centralized data management, access to the network is limited and thus more secure.

3. Easier Management

More equipment adds to a network’s complexity. A serial console server can cut down on the equipment needed to manage a network. By storing server information in one central place, serial console servers make it easier for IT technicians to manage the network.

4. Reduce Costs

Downtime is costly. Businesses lose about $26.5 billion annually, thanks to it. Your business cannot afford to lose money due to downtime. Serial console servers can mitigate losses and maintain uptime. If a disruption happens, IT technicians can connect to networking devices, diagnose the problem and resolve it remotely. Thus, serial console servers can significantly cut down on downtime.

5. Enhanced Monitoring

Several networking problems can be prevented if they are identified early. Serial console servers monitor networking devices and enable network administrators to detect critical issues in real-time and resolve them before they get out of hand. For example, a serial console server can detect extreme temperatures in a server rack. Consequently, the network administrator can resolve the issue before it escalates.

Businesses need robust IT infrastructure. Serial console servers are a key component of a robust system. They can enable you to take control of your network and prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, they can enable easier management, improve monitoring, save your business money, and prevent downtime, making them a worthwhile investment.

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