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Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is quickly evolving how enterprises offer secure connectivity. As the modern workforce becomes increasingly distributed, you need to accommodate more branch locations and remote workers. This is especially important given the global coronavirus crisis at hand, which has forced most employees out of the office and made working from home the new normal.

That means you’ve probably got a few very crucial questions on your mind, like:

  • Can you achieve business continuity?
  • Will your traditional network be enough?
  • Can you provide a connection that keeps workers safe?

No matter how long it takes to get back to yesterday’s normal, SASE gives you the power to safely connect your entire workforce.

What is Secure Access Service Edge?

SASE is networking and security delivered via the cloud. It’s identity driven and supports all edges, giving your users safe and reliable access to your network no matter where they are.

SASE addresses the need for more secure and flexible connectivity. Traditional networking wasn’t made for a distributed staff base, leaving you with restricted access that’s slow and vulnerable. Without SASE, you need to backhaul traffic through your main network’s firewall, creating a bottleneck that bogs down business with reduced speeds and frequent delays. Remote connections also remain open to threats due to thinner security measures.

In a nutshell, legacy solutions limit your network to specific locations and devices. And until now, adding agility meant piling on more applications and devices to your already complex stack.

Why is SASE Better for Remote Work?

It’s not difficult to imagine how drastically SASE improves your business. Just look back at recent weeks and consider how your traditional system handled the sudden exodus of your employees. Were they able to pick up and seamlessly get back to work at their homes? Or were your IT staff scrambling to put together a mishmash of solutions, with many employees still struggling to get up to speed?

SASE is better because it lets employees connect from anywhere, and it secures them (and your business) with robust capabilities, all delivered via the cloud.

Instead of making your staff jump through hoops just to take their work away from the office, SASE packs everything they need into the cloud. They’re no longer tethered to their specific workstation or a carefully configured laptop, and can now simply connect to your network from anywhere for secure access to physical and cloud resources.

How does SASE Make Management Easier?

For everything from SD-WAN and traffic management, to firewalling and cybersecurity, SASE brings you control and flexibility via a converged software stack. Instead of using loosely-coupled point solutions that are costly to manage, you can control all of your networking and security functions from one place. Access is no longer bound to specific locations, and your IT staff can manage your entire network even from across the globe.

Your business’ resources and users are all connected to one agile platform, with end-to-end security and capabilities that meet your needs no matter how business changes.

So when a global pandemic forces your staff to go 100% remote, you don’t need to struggle to configure individual point solutions and threaten your business’ productivity. With SASE, you can configure and adapt your infrastructure as needed, and roll out changes across your network. Adjust access policies, QoS, firewalling, and more from the cloud, so you can keep business running through any challenge.

Get Nodegrid for Total SASE Flexibility

Nodegrid offers a truly innovative SASE platform that delivers more flexibility and peace of mind.

Our patented x86 64-bit architecture gives you Guest OS access that supports virtualized applications, which you can deploy directly on Nodegrid devices. You can tailor your networking and security solutions by deploying WAN accelerators, additional firewalls, and more. And you can take advantage of Nodegrid’s modularity for a solution that’s fully customized to your needs.

Nodegrid also features built-in automation that streamlines deployment and scaling, so you can easily set up SASE and connect your entire organization. Coupled with reliable 4G/LTE failover and out-of-band management that gives you in-depth control of SD-WAN, security, and third-party applications, Nodegrid is the only solution to unleash total flexibility for your network.

Now’s the time to offer secure access for everyone in your business. Get in touch to schedule your SASE demo today.