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Webinar: Managing the Network Edge

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Setting up POPs, colocations, and remote networks is a lot of work, and ongoing maintenance sinks your resources. But out-of-band management and converged solutions give you on-demand control of your edge. Don’t worry about downtime — instantly respond and keep your critical infrastructure running.

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  • Why you should focus on the edge
  • How out-of-band saves on response times & costs
  • How converged solutions add resilience to your edge


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About our Speakers

Jim Wilson – ZPE Systems
VP Global Sales & Customer Success

Our moderator, Jim Wilson, knows how to make business succeed with better networking. For more than 25 years, Jim has taken a hands-on approach to help design out-of-band, failover, & other network solutions for global Fortune 500 companies. He led regional services for a major storage provider in the U.S., and his skillset in hardware & software prove invaluable to the success of ZPE’s customers.

Jim Wilson 1200×1588

Rene Neumann – ZPE Systems
EU Solutions Engineering Manager

Rene Neumann is the Solutions Engineering Manager at ZPE Systems. He has helped some of the largest companies in the world such as Amazon, Apple, Societe-Generale, and Exxon-Mobil rebuild customer satisfaction with better networking. His IT & data center expertise spans 22 years. Using ZPE’s powerful platform of consolidated devices and intuitive software, Rene continues to improve network architecture for companies across the globe.

ZPE Systems – Rene Neumann

Sven Launspach – Kaemi GmbH

Sven Launspach is the founder and managing director of KAEMI GmbH, an integrated IT/OT infrastructure and managed service provider based in Berlin, Germany. One of KAEMI’s guiding principles is: “We take care of connectivity, so that the customer can concentrate entirely on its core business.” His expertise includes managed services, SD-WAN, multi-cloud applications, and NFV/SDN. As a Consultant previously, he has led digitization projects for Lufthansa, which saved millions of euros in operating costs. He is particularly in demand for sharing his thoughts in conferences and IT events. He is also managing director of Consultpool GmbH & Co. KG who offer high skill consulting especially for DAX companies.

Sven Launspach