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Did you miss our presentation at Networking Field Day 26? Watch the recording below!

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Introduction to ZPE Systems

ZPE Systems enables ‘anywhere’ operations from the data center to the edge, with global out-of-band, modular hardware & software, and cloud-based, end-to-end orchestration. In this presentation, VP of Product Management Koroush Saraf walks you through the evolution of data, compute, and networking to explain how ZPE’s visionary approach helps enterprises overcome challenges of modernizing their networks using virtualization, containerization, Software-Defined Networking, edge computing, SD-WAN, and remote access.

Global Data Center Infrastructure Management & Orchestration with ZPE Systems

Koroush Saraf explains how data centers are becoming modernized. A new generation of serial consoles, like the Nodegrid Serial Console Plus, makes network deployments simple by consolidating many appliances, and allows teams to monitor critical systems with sensors that can be accessed, managed, and controlled on one UI with Nodegrid Manager.

Deploying & Managing Critical Remote Edge Infrastructure with ZPE Systems Nodegrid

Koroush Saraf explains why edge infrastructure is increasingly distributed, and why configuring, updating, and managing IT now presents more challenges regarding connectivity and security. ZPE systems’ Nodegrid Services Routers and ZPE Cloud overcome these obstacles. Nodegrid devices serve as the on-ramp to Security Service Edge and EdgeOps, able to onboard edge services such as SD-WAN and security, and spin up edge compute workloads such as data thinning and NGFWs — all using automation delivered securely via ZPE Cloud.

Tour ZPE Systems’ Nodegrid and ZPE Cloud

In this demonstration, Sales Engineering Manager Rene Neumann shows true Zero Touch Provisioning via ZPE Cloud, and bare-metal EdgeOps automation with Ansible and Nodegrid. Rene also shows Day 2 Operations, as well as troubleshooting, identification, and remediation of different targets and Network Infrastructure using application sensors and Nodegrid Data Lake.


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