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Did you miss our presentation at Security Field Day 7? Download the presentation or watch the recording below! Here’s an overview of what you’ll discover:

  • Why cybersecurity can’t be solved by a single vendor
  • How to overcome risks & ransomware by using immutable principles
  • How to build, destroy, & rebuild networks to protect property & data privacy

VP of Product Koroush Saraf walks you through our open Nodegrid platform that brings together diverse security ecosystems. Director of Solution Engineering Rene Neumann gives you two demos of Nodegrid based on customer use cases from Ukraine.

Download the presentation to take with you, and use the links below to watch the recorded event.


Watch Now  Download the Presentation


ZPE Introduction: Why Cybersecurity for Enterprise Can’t Be Solved By One Vendor

Cybersecurity vendors are at the top of their game. So why are cyberattacks increasing and becoming more effective? We’ll discuss the modern enterprise’s pain of having too many products, from too many vendors, which leaves too many security gaps. We’ll also discuss why this dynamic attack surface can’t be solved simply by adding more products, and instead requires a platform — an automated and open platform capable of unifying the diverse ecosystem of cybersecurity solutions and eliminating gaps.

ZPE Demo: Immutable Principles of Branch Deployment

In this demo, we will show you how to overcome supply chain security risks and address ransomware by putting immutable infrastructure principles into action. We will demonstrate how to use SaltStack automation on our out-of-band platform, which we’ll use to build, destroy, and re-build an edge data center — with ease and at scale.

ZPE Demo: Zero Pain Ecosystem – Launching Security Apps from ZPE’s Cybersecurity Platform

In this demo, we will show our enterprise cybersecurity platform that powers what we call the Zero Pain Ecosystem. We will demonstrate the ease of use in securing remote branch locations, by using Horizon3’s NodeZero to launch an automated pen test, and by running a Splunk agent to feed XDR systems. We will conclude this demo by showing how to use immutable principles for disaster recovery, to decommission an infrastructure stack and rebuild it automatically from scratch.

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