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Cisco Live Amsterdam 2023 – February 6-10

Cisco Live Amsterdam 2023

Network resilience & security
shouldn’t be a space odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey predicted major advancements to our lives, made possible by supercomputers like the HAL 9000. So why are we still battling for more network uptime and security? Truth is, only the tech giants are reaping the benefits of automation, while the rest of us find it as unforgiving and anxiety-provoking as losing your ship in deep space.

Get Big Tech’s proven automation architecture

Most companies don’t automate because they fear making catastrophic mistakes. Luckily, Big Tech’s reference architecture is now available and describes the automation best practices any company can use to:

  • Increase revenue by reducing application downtime
  • Decrease costs by filling IT skill shortages
  • Eliminate risk through frequent security patching

ZPE Systems captured these best practices after working with brands like Amazon, Bank of America, Uber, and many others. This 40+ page document is now available as the Network Automation Blueprint, and has been validated by ONUG’s newly-formed Hyperautomation Working Group. Download a sneak peek or get the full document.


Come to Booth A10 for a demo

Stop by booth A10 to meet with Director of Solution Engineering, Rene Neumann. He’ll walk you through the automation architecture and show you how it serves as a safety net against mistakes and bad configurations.
Watch this demo from Tech Field Day 26, where Rene shows how the blueprint helps you recover a failed device upgrade in minutes.

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