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Managing many network devices and applications can be a chore, and a lot of this stems from having to manually authenticate with each. You typically need to keep a spreadsheet containing your different credentials (or run the risk associated with having one set of credentials across the board). And until now, Nodegrid offered this typical experience. But you no longer need to be left with a juggling act when it comes to managing your network. That’s because Nodegrid now supports single sign-on (SSO).

What is Single Sign-On?

Single sign-on allows you to authenticate with multiple applications simultaneously, using only a single set of credentials. It’s like having one key that opens every door in the house! Once you successfully sign in to an application, you’re automatically signed in to all other connected applications. SSO allows you to access Nodegrid appliances and applications with ease, and you can seamlessly navigate back and forth without having to get bogged down by sign-in screens.

Benefits of Single Sign-On

SSO offers much more ease-of-use and increases security. Before SSO, you needed to keep track of many unique credentials. When managing appliances and applications, this forced you to sign into each individually. Aside from presenting you with frequent obstacles that slowed you down, this also left you to deal with the hassle of resetting or retrieving credentials if you forgot or lost them. You’d have to put in more time and effort to update your spreadsheet, and then get used to using your updated credentials (which often led to more resetting and retrieving). Now, you only need one set of credentials to sign in to everything. This means that you no longer need a lengthy spreadsheet with many usernames and passwords, and you don’t need to be frequently slowed down by having to sign in to each application separately. You also don’t need to worry about compromising security by trying to create easy-to-remember credentials, or by frequently going through password reset/retrieval protocols. If you do forget your credentials, one reset is all you need to get back up and running. And for network administrators, SSO simplifies user administration. Admins no longer need to add, remove, or modify users on separate applications. Nodegrid now puts convenient control in one place, so administration actions are consolidated and go into effect across all user access points.

Why use SSO with Nodegrid?

Nodegrid’s single sign-on currently integrates with many popular identity providers. These include Duo, Ping Identity, and Okta.
Nodegrid also uses the industry-standard Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), so you can easily integrate with any identity provider who supports SAML 2.0. Single sign-on is easy to configure, and provides more convenient, secure access to applications and appliances. To get the most streamlined and safe experience with Nodegrid, consider taking full advantage with SSO.